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Kouki Shoko Weipa is a popular Japanese style seasoning for enriching soups, fried rice and other stir-fried foods.
Weipa means “king of taste” and contains fresh vegetables, chicken and pork extracts and other spices that adds a rich taste and aroma to any dish.
Weipa is used as seasoning for many Chinese dishes and Japanese style Chinese foods such as fried rice, gyoza or soups.

传说可以将清水变鸡汤,让炒菜、煮饭变好吃的的万用调味神器- 味霸,这款调味料在日本可说是家家户户的冰箱都会有一瓶,而发明「味霸」的人,其实是一位名叫「鲍日明」的日本华侨,在1963神户的唐人街开始贩售,人气逐渐向外扩散,在瓶盖上就有他的长像,本产品主要是以豚骨、鸡骨精炼而成的原汁,然后加入多种蔬菜及其它天然辛香料浓缩而成,可适用于任何的汤头,也可以用来煎、煮、炒、烹、卤、炸、炖等中华料理,也可用于日式料理。即使用来拌饭,也是好吃的.

– Make in Japan
– Weipa is a mixture of pork, chicken and vegetable.
– Natural mild and umami taste.
– Maximizes the taste of ingredients themselves.
– Free of synthetic components.

– 日本制造
– Weipa 味霸 是由猪肉、鸡肉和蔬菜的混合物的调味品。
– 拥有自然温和鲜味。
– 它的目的是提高食材本身的味道。
– 不含化学合成成分。

– For making soup, put 10g of Weipa into 600cc of boiling water with ingredients of your choice. You can add salt if you prefer.
– For stir-frying, you can fry ingredients with Weipa. Add Weipa until it gets to the taste of your preference. It’s easier to add Weipa if you dissolve it into water first.

– 做汤时,将 10 g 放入 600 ml 的沸水中,加入您选择的配料。
– 对于炒菜,也可以用 Weipa 参入炒的食材。添加 Weipa味霸,直到它达到您满意的味道。可以事先将它溶解在水中,方便使用。

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