Equal Stevia Zero Calorie Sugar Replacement 100’s


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Experience the joy of sweetness without the guilt. Equal Stevia Sweetener Sticks, derived from 100% natural stevia, are your ideal choice if you’re keen on reducing sugar without compromising on taste. With zero calories and sugar, they offer a pure, delightful taste, making them an excellent choice to enhance your coffee, tea, cold beverages, and dishes.

The Journey of Equal Stevia:
Harvest: The journey begins with the raw Stevia leaves, plucked fresh and then dried and crushed.
Extraction: Only the finest extracts, known for their delightful sweetness without the hint of bitterness, are selected from the leaves.
Blend & Pack: These premium stevia extracts are then combined with other natural ingredients and neatly packaged into these zero-calorie sticks for your enjoyment.
Remember: One stick delivers the sweetness of a teaspoon of sugar
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