Bed Fresh Eradicate Bed Bugs & Dust Mites 500ml


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A unique fabric sanitising product that can effectively stop bed bugs and dust mites. It is certified in the UK and has proven to be able to stop bed bugs and dust mites effectively.

– Biodegradable
– Safe for Kids
– Safe for Pets
– Non-Toxic
– No Harmful Chemicals
– Certified in the U.K.

Direction for use:
Shake bottle before use, turn nozzle to the spray/stream, and spray onto areas to be treated. Until slightly damp, this will start to work as it dries, close nozzle after use.

How to use:
1. Remove all bedsheets, spray the whole mattress including the sides and corners until damp.
2. Air dry the mattress naturally. Bed Fresh will start to work to work as it dries.
3. Vacuum or brush mattress to remove debris. The bed is ready to use.
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