Pic Solution Insupen Advanced 34G 3.5mm 100pcs SoftSharpening Easysliding Rapidflow


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– Pic’s smallest and most delicate pen needle meets Advanced technology.
– Insupen 34G is Pic’s shortest and thinnest pen needle in the Insupen Advanced range, the crowning achievement of the Indolor Experience™ research.
– Insupen 34G offers you a quick, delicate, and easy injectable experience relieving any fear of needles and discomfort.
– Its size: the external 0.18-mm diameter makes it less invasive and more delicate, while the 3.5-mm length allows the needle to reach the correct subcutaneous area.
– Rapid Flow makes the needle’s walls thinner to increase flow.
– Soft Sharpening, a special triple sharpening of the needle
– Easy Sliding technology lubricates the outer walls of the needle, so it slides effortlessly.

– Needle diameter – 0.18-mm or 34G
– Needle length – 3.5mm
– Box of 100pcs
– Made in Italy

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