TWP Unisex Urinal (Urine Bottle) 1000ml


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A urinal, urine bottle, or male urinal is a bottle for urination. It is most frequently used in health care for patients who find it impossible or difficult to get out of bed during sleep. Urinals allow the patient who has cognition and movement of their arms to urinate without the help of staff. A urine bottle can also used by travelers or transportation workers who are unable to immediately to access public restroom as part of an emergency kit, or areas where restroom facilities are too distant.

• Bottle size 1000ml
• For male users
• Made in Taiwan
• Opaque colour

Urinals are used as part of input and output measurement and feature embedded markings to measure the amount of fluid excreted.

To use – Open the cap, discharge the urine into the bottle. After using, just close the cap.
To clean – Pour out the urine and wash the bottle under a running water.
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